Vicki Wilson

Individual and Group Yoga Teacher

There are no workshops currently scheduled.

Past workshops include

Art of the Breath Workshop Explore the invigorating, calming and restorative effects of practicing mindful breathing. Benefits of breathing practices include stress management, relaxation, and focus. This is an experiential workshop. Breath and movement will be used as preparation for seated breathing practices utilizing various breath patterns. Discussion will include: Definition of conscious breathing and the relationship between techniques and effects. What is pranayama? From chapter 2 of the Yoga Sutras. Engage the breath to explore langhana(relaxing), brahmana (invigorating) and samana(focusing) practices.
Change your breath, change your life.

Sound of Yoga Workshop Explore how sound changes the energy of movement. Discover the benefits of sound and movement including increased memory, concentration and deeper state of meditation. Listen to yourself using sound as a tool of self-exploration. Listen to others and discover how sound provides connection in a group practice.

If you are interested in covering a specific topic in depth please call or email me.


Phone: (805)-807-0634.