Vicki Wilson

Individual and Group Yoga Teacher

Why personal yoga sessions?

Because you are an individual. We avoid one-size fits all clothing because it's never quite right. Too long. Too short. Personal yoga sessions allow a practice to be tailored for your schedule, goals and needs.

How does it work?

The initial session consists of an intake. We discuss your needs, goals and time available for a practice. Your movement is observed. Breath and movement is introduced and an individual practice is designed for you. The intake is usually about 90 minutes.

Follow up sessions are scheduled based on your needs. We can meet as often as a few days or longer as required. Typically I see new students within a week. And begin to spread the sessions further apart as we continue to work together. This will depend upon the goals and needs being addresses. Sessions are generally an hour long.


Pre-pay for 5 sessions and your intake counts as the first session.
5 sessions. Intake (90 minutes)
Plus 4 follow up sessions (60 minutes)
Intake 90 minutes $105.
Follow-ups 60 minutes $70

Credit cards accepted. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover

Cash discount 2%. $343 for package. $68 for follow-ups. $102 for Intake.


"If you are considering yoga for the first time, or have realized the benefits of doing yoga for many years, I would strongly recommend you experience all that Vicki has to offer. Her passion for health and wellness is thoughtfully represented in her tailored approach to your needs. She considers EVERYTHING about your goals and mindfully sets you up for success!"


Phone: (805)-807-0634.